onsdag 1 juli 2009

I've Got A Hippie On My Front Lawn

Do you want to see see a real '68 movie? Search for "Vidderna" on YouTube or just click:


In the summer of 1968 I shot an unpretentious Super-8 flick with kids & friends in the Sormland region of Sweden. It was printed under the title of "I've Got A Hippie On My Front Lawn" and some music was put to it by the "Tree, Grass & Stones" band, still famous today.
The "hippie" was a young Californian fellow cameraman of later fame. He had convinced The Ford Foundation and others that he worked on a biological film study on vegetations round the world. The project title of his film was "Grass".
Strange smoke also rose from his little teepee on the lawn. Our children loved this soft guy and his beautiful, sad-eyed lady.
This year, 2009, a young collaborator of mine, Nic Wakeham, spotted the reel, made a much subtler reedition of it and added some music by his friends of the "Vidderna" (Villfarelser, Erractic Ways). The whole '68 feeling is miraculously still there...
Enjoy these five magic Flower-Power minutes. Insiders could know that one of the small girls is now heading the "Filippa K" worldwide fashion stores, the other is a a Script Editor with Swedish Television and other drama productions. The little guy with the water pistol works with the Development Division of a huge environmental group, and the sweet boy under the tree is a young architect and furniture designer in Paris, just published by the New York Times.
Hallelujah. Carl Henrik (40 years later)

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